Week 15: A different angle (2020)

12 April, 2020

This week I photographed the matzot because it was Passover and artists record what is right in front of them. Right?

The idea to turn the matzot upright for a different angle shot was inspired by a talk I heard a few years ago. The speaker taught us how to use the six colored ‘thinking hats’ of Dr. Edward de Bono to troubleshoot issues and solve problems.

The six colors — blue, black, white, green, red and yellow represent the different sides one should consider when you have to make a decision or solve a problem.


Week 5: Shot from above (2020)

2 February, 2020

Throughout my 2020 52Frames journey, I tried to write about the lesson in creativity that I have learned that week. My aim was to combine the written lesson with the weekly photo taken.

I managed to do this for about 40 of the 52 weeks. Being stuck at home because of the coronavirus helped quite a bit. The situation was quite depressing (as you may remember!) but it also gave me extra time to reflect and bring these lessons about creativity into focus.

There were however weeks where I had nothing. (Nothing to write about that is.)…

Week 50: Textures (2020)

13 December, 2020

I was looking forward to the texture challenge for a while. It is one of my most favorite topics and I also knew exactly what I was going to photograph.

Lichen — of course!

Lichen is one of my weird obsessions and I knew of a cool place, not far from my home, where the most awesome fluffy looking lichen grows. On the Saturday before the deadline, my camera was ready with a charged battery and I was ready with my hiking boots. Lichen — it is time to get ready for your photo shoot!!

The problem…

Week 14: Curves (2020)

5 April, 2020

A friend recently shared a piece that she had translated from Hebrew. The writer, Shmuel Munitz, was wondering if there is any point to sitting down and chatting with his grandmother because she will soon forget what he had told her.

This made me think of all the unread words that I have written and all the unseen photos that I have taken. What is the point of all this DOING if nothing comes out of it?

My creative endeavours often seem to me like a dog chasing his tail. A repeating spiral that ends up nowhere…

Week 24 — Hands (2020)

14 June, 2020

One cannot lift just one hand of sand and let it fall through your fingers. You are compelled to pick up another hand of sand and let it fall through your fingers. And another hand of sand. And another.

Over and over again.

There are so many of these repetitive actions in our lives. Having that first cup of coffee in the mornings. Brushing your teeth. Leaving the house on time to catch the train to work. Making meals and folding the washing. Give a kiss good morning and a kiss good night.

Over and over again.

Week 13: Line from a song (2020)

29 March, 2020

Our brief for this week’s challenge was to take inspiration from a line in a song. The words that inspired my song are: “God got the key and you can’t get in” from “Didn’t It Rain?” by Sister Rosetta Tharpe. I love these types of challenges where you have to translate the feeling and meaning of one creative medium into another.

It is of course a nearly impossible task. You have to respect the artist’s intent but must re-interpret it in your own way. You are strong-armed into being creative by the different medium. …

Week 17: Soft (2020)

26 April, 2020

I have been long enough part of the 52Frames project to experience some serious ups and downs. In a photographic way, of course 😁.

There are weeks where you work hard, pay the price and get some pretty decent photos. Other weeks you also work hard but only get a meh photo. And other weeks you have absolutely nothing.

No ideas, no spare cell phone photos that you took by chance that week.

Niks. Nada. Nothing.

Sometimes you use the energy of despair to make it work somehow. And other times you pinch your nose, upload a…

June 7, 2020

This week’s challenge, dancing, was a difficult one for me. The whole world was closed in lockdown and I couldn’t even think of a person who would be willing to dance for a photo. Not to mention that I myself was not really in a dancing mood. We were all just living day to day, following the Covid numbers.

And yet I had committed myself to take a photo a week. Every. Single. Week.

Problems like these cause an interesting friction that turns to creativity to solve them.

I started to think how else one can interpret…

Water lilies in the water lily pond

May 17, 2020

This is the photo that I wanted to send in for the week 20 “Not what you see” challenge. We had to create some type of fantasy photo where what the viewer sees does not actually exist.

I had a lot of fun taking photos of these lilies with a friend. She is also a photographer and we arranged a shooting meetup. I remember telling her that we should go on time ‘before they close for the night’.

“But they don’t close the park”, she said.

“I meant the lilies”, I replied. 😊

Luckily we arrived in…

Marina Shemesh

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